NEWS: Sunshine Wheels continues to add new clients. Welcome MeadowBrook of Granby and the Governor’s House in Simsbury!

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A New Transporation Option Comes to Simsbury

Finding reliable transportation can often be a struggle for seniors and adults with physical disabilities.  New Horizons, a local nonprofit organization, recently expanded its Sunshine Wheels transportation operation in order to meet the growing need for this important service.  Opening up a second headquarters location in Simsbury in addition to its Unionville office has allowed the organization to expand its reach. “The pandemic has created enormous challenges and being able to access critical medical care through reliable transportation has never been more important”, stated Carol Fitzgerald, New Horizons’ CEO.  With a fleet of wheelchair accessible vans, Sunshine Wheels has provided thousands of essential rides during this challenging time.

Residents of Simsbury, Granby, and the surrounding towns now have the opportunity to book transportation through Sunshine Wheels.  “The Farmington Valley has desperately needed more options when it comes to transportation and Sunshine Wheels has done a wonderful job with providing this service”, stated David Bordonaro, CEO of McLean.

The organization’s deep commitment to providing reliable transportation to adults with mobility challenges is rooted in over 30 years of experience.  Whether it is a trip to the grocery store or a ride to a critical medical appointment, Sunshine Wheels is available to help. Visit or call 860-507-7704 in order to learn more.

Welcome Meadow Brook and Governor’s House

A new headquarters location in Simsbury has allowed Sunshine Wheels to expand its reach!  We are now the preferred transportation provider for Meadow Brook of Granby and the Governor’s House in Simsbury.  It is an honor to serve these organizations!

Top CT Transportation Vendor

Veyo has designated Sunshine Wheels as a top transportation provider in the Connecticut market!  Sunshine Wheels’ performance scores continue to exceed expectations and industry standards.  Veyo recently published a case study that examined what makes our organization unique.  Click on the below link to read the article!

Veyo + Sunshine Wheels Case Study

Adding To Our Fleet

Sunshine Wheels’ clients have varying needs.  We find that have multiple types of vehicles ensures that all needs are met.  Sunshine Wheels is pleased to announce that we have added a new vehicle to our fleet!  The new mini-bus is a bit larger than our other vans.  The extra space and high ceiling makes it very easy to get in and out of.  This impressive vehicle was supported by a grant from Purdue Pharma L.P.  Sunshine Wheels is very thankful for Purdue Pharma and its corporate giving program!

Thank You CT Water Company

Winston Churchill once said “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  Sunshine Wheels is very thankful for the community members, corporations and civic organizations that give generously.  The contributions that we have received have ensured that individuals with disabilities have reliable transportation to medical appointments.    Connecticut Water is one example of a generous company that supports the work that New Horizons/Sunshine Wheels is doing in the community.   Our generous supporters who have funded wheelchair accessible vans and critical radio/communication equipment for our vehicles!  Sunshine Wheels is beyond grateful for Connecticut Water and all of our other supporters!



Happy Holidays

This holiday season Sunshine Wheels is spreading joy to those who are near.   Our passengers are truly grateful that they can get to their medical appointments on time and in a safe vehicle. This is something that they do not take from granted after years of service issues with other transportation providers.  Sunshine Wheels is grateful for the extraordinary clients that we get to serve each and every day.  On behalf of Sunshine Wheels, we would like to wish our clients, staff members, and supporters a happy holiday!

Getting The Word Out

Sunshine Wheels participated in the Connecticut Association of Health Facilities annual conference and trade show.  The need for reliable and accessible transportation was clearly evident at the conference.  Every part of the state is complaining about the shortage of quality transportation.  Sunshine Wheels is stepping up to meet this important need in the Farmington Valley.  On December 16th, we will be expanding beyond our existing facilities – New Horizons Village and Cherry Brook. We will be utilizing our 32 years of transportation experience as we provide rides to other living facilities this coming week.  Sunshine Wheels is proud to be a solution!



A Time of Thanksgiving

Shorter days and cooler weather is a reminder that the year is coming to an end.  As my favorite holiday approaches, gratitude has been on my heart and mind.  The Thanksgiving season gives me time to reflect on how fortunate Sunshine Wheels is to have faithful supporters like you.

I am thankful that you wholeheartedly believe in our mission.

I am grateful for your encouragement and support year after year.

We could not do it without you!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!  Thank you for all that you do.


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